Danni Lowinski – 2010

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N/R | 45 min (approx.) | Comedy, Drama | 26 July 2010 (Germany)
Checker, an attack dog chases a kid to a tree and tears his bag apart. His mother sues the dog’s owner, demanding to put the dog down. Danni goes out with Oliver.
Louis was a guest star on season 1, episode 12 – “Hundeleben”


Episode: Season 1, Episode 12 – “Hundeleben”
Rated: N/R
Genre(s) Comedy, Drama
Role: Fabian Lüdtke
Co-Stars: Annette Frier, Tanya Neufeldt, Florian Reiners (+ more)
Created By: Marc Terjung, Benedikt Gollhardt
Director: Richard Huber
Producer(s): Thomas Biehl, Markus Brunnemann, Barbara Fuchs
Writer(s): Andy Cremer, Marc Terjung
Release Dates: 26 July 2010 (Germany) – other countries
Production Company(ies): Phoenix Film Karlheinz Brunnemann
Channel: Sat.1 (Germany)
Filming Location(s): Cologne, Germany

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